An automatic storage & retrieval system provided to one of our esteemed defense sector client


  • One of India’s leading manufacturers of ammunitions & missile systems approached Nandan for a solution
  • They needed a solution for the storage & retrieval of articles in huge warehouses
  • The articles had to be stored through a system without human intervention for additional safety as the articles were very dangerous to handle
  • The system should have the capability of lifting a load of up to 3.5 Tons


  • Nandan suggested a solution called ASRS (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System)
  • The ASRS is built using high strength steel scissors
  • It has a max lifting capacity of 3.5 Tons
  • Hydraulic stabilizers provided for stability & safety
  • The platform of the scissor lift can will have upward & downward movement for reaching the desired height
  • The platform then can move forward to attach itself to the article containing the pallet using the front two pins on the platform to align itself correctly
  • The whole process is completely automated without much human intervention


  • Highly efficient system 
  • Easy to operate & reliable
  • Saves time normally lost due to human intervention
  • Safety increased as labor is not required
  • Damages due to human error is nil

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