Automated Truck Loader

The Challenges

Nandan GSE were given the task of automated loading of the cement gunny bags into trucks of different sizes for India’s leading cement company who was concerned about the health effects on the loaders.

Client: ACC Cements
Location: Panvel, Mumbai
Product Class: Telescopic Conveyor
Type: Highly Customized

Nandan Impact


  • NANDAN GSE  aimed 1-2 people from 6-10 that was previously used for one truck
  • Minimized or no manual touching of the gunny bags.
  • Reduction of dust in loading.
  • Highly reliable equipment.
  • Interfacing of the automation from the bagging plant itself.
  • Has to be able to work with all trucks including the closed body ones without modification.
  • Finally NANDAN GSE achieved all above mentioned tasks completely  with customer full satisfactions.

Key Results

Client was able to load one truck with one person in under 12 minutes versus three people in 24 minutes earlier.