Enabling the smooth transportation of Elephants using a Truck Mounted Ramp


A pharmaceutical company which specializes in research of medicines for the veterinary industry approached us for helping them with a solution for movement of heavy cargo inside their facility. They wanted a silent & eco friendly solution to their problem. They receive multiple raw materials from their global vendors in small batches. They also have laboratories and testing facilities at multiple locations inside their sprawling campus. These raw materials were being transported using HPTs and other manual means causing a lot of hardship to the workforce.


Nandan recommended the use of a Battery Operated Platform Truck that can move silently with zero pollution inside the factory and minimize the use of manpower for material handling operations. A 2 Ton capacity truck with adequate battery to run for an 8 hour shift at a maximum speed of 10 KMPH within the factory premises is now a huge hit among the workforce inside the facility.


  • A Reliable & Eco friendly solution to their woes achieved.
  • Large carrying capacity of 2 Tons makes it easier to carry heavier load each time making it more efficient.
  • Almost zero maintenance making it a very cost efficient solution.

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