Application of an animal ramp for the Swift & Easy movement of animals in & out of the carriage


One of India’s leading animal zoos wanted to ensure that animals can climb in and out safely onto the animal carriage trucks. Since these are wild animals the equipment needed to be very easy to deploy, use and it should not cause any harm to the animals.



Nandan designed a two-fold hydraulic ramp retro-fitted at the back of Eicher, BB & Tata Trucks that easily unfolds and deploys on the ground at the press of a single button. The ramp has self-supporting legs at the bottom, railings on the sides and rough surface to avoid animals from slipping while climbing. The gradient of deployment is also not steep and animals can climb easily with minimal effort. The ramp has a capacity of 1 Ton and also serves as the rear door of the truck in the closed position.


  • Easy one touch operation for fast & effective operations.
  • Safety of the wild animals guaranteed due to Robust build quality.
  • Easier for the animals to get in & out of the carriage due to optimal gradient.