Application for lifting of heavy duty gas cylinders using hydraulic column tail lift


Nandan was approached by a reputed gas distributor in Mumbai for its lifting woes of medical oxygen cylinders during this pandemic. They were losing a good chunk of time trying to manually lift & load these cylinders which was also turning out to be extremely dangerous. They needed a solution which could be fitted on their truck easily & can be used by their drivers or operators without any issue.



We suggested them a smart solution of a hydraulic column tail lift which could be easily fitted on their existing trucks without any major changes while keeping the weight of the truck in check. These tail lift units were extremely easy to operate & reduced the loading & unloading time by half while keeping safety of the operator as top priority.


  • The whole process of loading & unloading was made easy without the need for additional personnel.
  • The safety of the operator was increased greatly by removing the need for lifting the load manually.
  • The superior after sales service network of Nandan meant that they could carry on with their operations all over India without the worry of any issues occurring & disrupting their time schedule.