Case Study - 24

Ailsinghani Logistics


Logistics is an Indian company in its eighth decade of operations, with a history of involvement in many of the state’s modern infrastructure projects. Ailsinghani approached us with the goal of eliminating Manual labor & save time & effort. They wanted a maintenance free solution for taking Tyres from the Ground floor Bay to the first & second floor as it was a very time consuming process as they used to employ manual labor for taking the tyres to the upper floors. It also resulted in safety issues which was an added burden. 


We suggested a customized Hydraulic Goods Lift to Ailsinghani for carrying Goods from the Ground floor Loading area to the first & second floors maximizing their Productivity by reducing their dependency on Manual labor & minimize Time & Effort taken.  


  • Saved Time
  • Reduced Labor
  • Unsafe Handling of Goods was eliminated
  • Increased Productivity