Zero Scissor Lift provided for loading & unloading of pallets for a logistics & freight forwarder


A logistics & freight forwarder contacted Nandan for an optimum solution for their truck loading issue which caused unsafe loading & unloading of pallets from the truck bed to the ground level. 

Moreover the major issue was that they could not afford to block their warehouse entrance with a conventional setup for the problem.


After evaluating the whole situation & understanding the clients needs Nandan advised a zero scissor scissor lift , which would be ideal considering the circumstances. The zero scissor lift serves the purpose of loading & unloading of goods from the truck bed level to the ground level for the pallets while also keeping the warehouse entrance free as the zero scissor lift is flushed to the ground when not in use.


  • Safety increased by reducing manual labor.
  • Increase in productivity due to reduction in time taken for loading & unloading.
  • Flexibility of moving the zero scissor lift due to the provision of wheels.
  • Saved time due to reduction in labor.

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