A scissor lift provided to a chemical industry client for their heavy material handling lifting needs


  • This chemical company who specialized in adhesive & top coated products wanted a solution for their lifting woes at their loading bay area
  • They wanted a smooth solution for transferring heavy rolls using pallets from their loading bay to the truck floor.


  • Nandan gave the perfect solution of a pit mounted scissor lift
  • It would eliminate the issue of loading inside the truck & would also be flushed to the ground to facilitate ease of movement
  • Manpower & machinery can be easily carried out due to the scissor lift being flushed to the ground
  • 2 Ton scissor lift with detachable railings
  • A safety system for the truck to not roll over in case of additional weight applied on the scissor lift when it is inside the pit


  • Facilitate easy movement of man & material whenever there is no truck loading by keeping the scissor lift inside the pit making good use of factory space
  • Use of manual labor minimized & reliability increased due to less use of labor 
  • Productivity increased due to less time spent on loading & unloading of goods

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