A portable truck loader given to a packaging industry provider for improving their Safety & Productivity


  • A major packaging industry client approached Nandan regarding a material handling issue they were grappling to solve
  • They needed a portable solution for their truck loading & unloading needs
  • It should not be a permanent structure & should be easily portable after usage
  • Their operations were extremely labor intensive & were causing a lot of safety issues for the workers.


  • Nandan provided them a portable truck loader which proved to be the best solution possible
  • It fulfilled their request for portability & it was equally robust in nature
  • A  1.5 Ton loading capacity was suggested according to their needs which would help them load & unload their palletized goods


  • Loading & Unloading of Palletized goods eased
  • Portability of the equipment ensures no blockage in the working of the company after the equipment has been used
  • Safety & ease of loading & unloading of goods made the workers happy & less stressed about their physical fatigue

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