A Goods Lift system installed for a manufacturing company for their drum handling needs


Nandan GSE was approached by a manufacturing company for its drum handling concerns. They suffered a lot due to use of manual labor for carrying drums which they manufactured across multiple floors raising safety concerns & also the issue of being too dependent on labor for everyday loading & unloading. They also could not provide any support for the equipment which we could provide for their material handling needs.


After analyzing all the difficulties & constraints of the factory, our Nandan sales engineer suggested a Hydraulic Goods Lift with a self supporting structure as the optimum & best solution for their drum handling woes. They were provided a goods lift with a load bearing capacity of 500 kg & a lifting height of 7m with a safety interlocking system which would more than suffice for all their lifting needs with keeping in mind safety as the absolute top priority.


  • The safety issues raised by the company were completely solved as there was no need for the laborers to manually take the drums across floors
  • No gaps in production due to labor availability & disruptions
  • The production capability of the client had increased due to the efficient & smooth flow of work