A Goods lift solution for a packaging industry specialist


  • A leading packaging industry specialist approached Nandan for assisting them with their material handling needs
  • Due to the Ground + 1 structure, all the materials were being manually carried through the staircase with the use of manual labor 
  • It was strenuous, causing concerns regarding safety & the whole process was very time consuming. 


  • Nandan suggested a very robust & heavy duty goods lift
  • A lifting capacity of 5 Tons & a maximum travel height of 9.5m for maximizing efficiency while loading & unloading of goods 
  • The whole structure of the Goods lift is a self supporting one & did not require any additional support from the structure of the building.


  • Effectiveness in loading & unloading of materials improved the productivity of the company
  • Safety of all laborers increased as the use of staircase & manual labor has been reduced drastically
  • Due to the load capacity of the Goods lift being 5 Ton, less number of loading cycles were required

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