Installation of a Vayu tail lift for a client for their gas handling concerns


  • Solution required for loading of heavy duty cylinders on their smaller load capacity vehicles. 
  • Design an equipment which was light enough to be attached to the body of a smaller capacity vehicle 
  • Weight of the tailgate to be kept low for maximizing loading & unloading capacity of the gas cylinders.


  • A completely unique design for the client in which the platform would be entirely made in aluminum
  • Keeping the load of the tail lift onto the body to a bare minimum for more load carrying capacity of the gas cylinders 
  • Cancel off the risk of the vehicle toppling due to overload in the back due to high equipment load


  • 50% increase in productivity due to faster loading of the gas cylinders
  • Labor costs brought down due to the tail lift being easily operated 
  • Risk of damage to property or risk to life completely taken out of the equation

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