A battery operated scissor lift table provided to an engineering company for their material handling needs


  • A precision tools manufacturing company approached Nandan for their material handling needs inside their factory premises.
  • Equipment needed to be compact & lift a load of up to 1 Ton at a maximum height of 1m.


  • Nandan suggested a 1 Ton battery operated scissor lift table with a max lifting height of 1 m
  •  The battery powered movement would add to no sound or air pollution in the factory premises
  •  Lightweight in nature aiding ease of handling adding to the convenience factor inside the factory


  • Eco friendly way of dealing with goods movement as a result of a battery powered equipment
  • Maintenance cost of the equipment is very low
  • Labor intensive work reduced which in turn helps in less dependence on work force 
  •  Human safety factor increased with the easy & safe handling of heavy loads

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