Inspiring Story of Two Generations Enterpreneurs (Nandan Group)

Here is the inspiring story of hydraulic champs which been featured in top automobile industry magazines & media that will really boost your mind to believe no one can stop you when you really wants to achieve something & utilize maximum out of your life.

Here we go ..

one of the first thing which hits you when you meet young Raghu is the entrepreneur’s natural bounce and energy. There is sparkle in his eyes and words pour out in torrent. Meet Raghunandan Jagdish or Raghu as family and friends call him.


Raghu’s story is in extricably tied up with his father J.C. Kumar, a first generation entrepreneur who along with fellow entrepreneurs started first wave of the small industry revolution and crafted the first bound step on which the Indian industry success story stands.

After qualifying an Automobile Engineer, J.C. Kumar worked in Sion Garage as hydraulic supervisor, When the company closed in 1988, He decided to start out on his own, setting up his first venture with six people in the backyard of friends factory. What distinguished him from the beginning in the fabrication business was original design capability. In 1991 he bought ‘1300’ sqft ‘gala’ in Marol, Andheri with clear intention of doing ‘little’, but good quality work in niche area Airport Equipment seems to be good pick and NANDAN was born.

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