gearbox motor maintenance after the lockdown

 For installed gearboxes

· Check the oil condition of the gear unit if contaminated, change the oil. Ensure the correct level of the oil, i.e. till the middle of-level indicator.

· If the gear unit is operated for 300 – 500 hours, drain the lubricant and refill with fresh oil / recommended quantity for the mounting position of gear unit as indicated in the manual.

· Clean the breather plug via air medium.

· Check if there is any oil leakage observed on the oil seal location. If found, take the guidance from the service representative to replace the same.

· If the gear unit is operated through the belt, ensure the tension is as per recommendation.

· Ensure proper tightening of foundation bolts.

· In case of any noise or vibration observed, please get in touch with our service representative for guidance before operating the gear unit with the load.

· In vertically mounted gearboxes with forced lubrication system, the top bearing would have become dry. Hence, it is important to switch on the lubrication system first and then the main motor.

· Restart the equipment with no load, try to identify any disturbances before initiating regular operations.

For installed motors

· Run the motor with no load condition for 5 to 10 minutes and observe the noise and vibration level.

· If it is a brake motor, ensure the air gap of the brake is within the limit as recommended

· If not required, try to avoid opening the packed box of the geared unit, as the motor brand may have already applied the preventive measures to save the gear unit from environmental disturbances.

· Please read the maintenance/operation & installation manual for additional information

Gear Unit – Long Storage

· In case of long storage of gear units, fill it with oil ¾ volume of the gearbox, before installing the gear unit, drain excess oil from the unit.

· Every 3 months, do hand rotation in both the directions manually, once – clockwise & anticlockwise.

· Inspect the input and output shaft & bores to check the formation of rust. Apply fresh anti-corrosion oil, for example, Tibol-1390, for further protection.

· Try to avoid opening the packed box of the geared unit

Geared Motor – Long Storage

· Ensure the motor is stored under a sheltered / moisture-free location.

· Apply rust preventing lubrication agents on the shaft of the motor if the motors are in idle condition for more than 6 months.

· Initiate rotation of the motor shaft once in every 3 months for 10 to 15 times in both directions – clockwise & anticlockwise.

· If the motor is kept in idle condition for more than 3 months, conduct the megger test to ensure the condition of windings.

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