Engage with Sudhanshu Mani, Mastermind Behind Vande Bharat Express!

Nandan GSE is thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to all enthusiasts of innovation, railways, and organizational transformation! 🚄✨ Join us on a captivating journey of knowledge at our upcoming webinar: KindleChats: Fanning the Flames of Knowledge, where we bring you an extraordinary conversation between two industry pioneers, Mr. Sudhanshu Mani, the Creator of the Vande Bharat Express, and our esteemed host, Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish, CEO & MD of Nandan GSE.

Why Attend?

1. Discover the Journey of Vande Bharat (Train 18)

Uncover the remarkable tale behind the inception of India’s first indigenous semi high-speed train, led by the visionary Mr. Sudhanshu Mani. Learn how innovative ideas transformed into a reality, revolutionizing the face of Indian railways.

2. Network With Industry Experts

Connect with a diverse group of industry professionals, thought leaders, and like-minded individuals. Expand your professional network, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations that can shape the future of your endeavors.

3. Be Inspired by Achievements and Innovations

Gain inspiration from the incredible achievements and innovations in the realm of railway development. Witness firsthand how innovative thinking and determination can lead to groundbreaking results.

4. Learn Strategies to Drive Organizational Change

Acquire valuable insights and strategies from Sudhanshu Mani, the innovation maestro, and Dr. Raghu, a trailblazer in the industry. Discover how to infuse creativity into your organization, turning constraints into opportunities, and driving positive change.

Event Agenda:

  1. Cracking the Code: Frugal Innovation Strategies Unveiled!
  2. Boosting Morale, Boosting Quality: The Sudhanshu Mani Way!
  3. From Constraints to Creativity: Product Development Tactics!
  4. Ultramodern Thinking: How Innovation Reshapes Organizations!
  5. Q&A Session: Pose Your Questions to Sudhanshu Mani, the Innovation Maestro!

Meet Our Speaker:

🎤 Mr. Sudhanshu Mani – IRSME Retd. General Manager/CF, Chennai – Creator of Vande Bharat
With 38 years of distinguished service to the Indian Railways, Sudhanshu Mani led the Train 18/Vande Bharat project from concept to delivery, making him an invaluable source of insights.

Meet Our Host:

🎓 Dr. Raghunandan Jagdish, PhD. CEO & MD – Nandan GSE
Dr. Raghu, armed with an M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, USA, and a wealth of experience, will share strategies to empower businesses in an ever-evolving landscape.

Event Details:
📅 Date: 09-10-2023
🕒 Time: 02:00 PM to 3:00 PM IST
📝 Registration: Click Here To Register Now

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this enriching experience. Reserve your spot now and be inspired by the transformative power of innovation! 🌟✨

See you at KindleChats: Fanning the Flames of Knowledge!

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