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Since the last 30 years Nandan GSE has been helping our customers Improve their Productivity, Performance & Safety by helping them Save their Time, Money & Effort.

We are known for our Quality, Reliability & after Sales Service.

Quality, Reliability & After-Sales Service

30+ Years of Expertise in Designing & Manufacturing Defense
Systems for Defense Sector

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Products We Offer For Handling Solutions


Single Scissor Lift

NANDAN’s Single Scissor Lift comes in a wide variety of sizes and weight capacities in our MHE products range. It ranges in capacity from 500 kg to 100 tons, suitable for heights from 200mm to 7m. There are a variety of uses like Dock Lift, Loading Dock, Die loading, Welding automation, etc.


Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Nandan’s Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors is ideal choice for factories, warehouses, industrial plants, institutions where products need to move from one level to multiple level in fast, efficient, convenient and safe manner.


Hydraulic Goods Lift

Nandan’s Hydraulic Goods Lift is a simple, robust and versatile lift for handling loads up to 5000 kg between multiple floors in warehouses, factories, stores and workshops.Our Goods Lifts are offered in multiple customization options to cater to the specific needs of customers.

portable truck loading platform

Portable Truck Loading Platform

Introducing the Portable Truck Loading platform, yet another indigenous innovation by Nandan GSE. It eliminates the need for any installation for pit, ramp etc. Light enough to be moved around & sturdy enough to handle heavy loads for loading/unloading from trucks.

Convetor product

Telescopic Conveyor

Nandan is a specialist in manufacturing of the Telescopic Conveyor which is used to load and unload trucks, containers and 40 feet trailers. This versatile equipment designed with the ergonomics of operations in mind is a masterstroke requirement for the factories of all types which presently depend on manual labor.

jcb handling

JCB Scissor Lift

Made in India and exported to the world, JCB’s range of Electric Scissor Lifts enable a safer way to work at great heights. JCB Electric Scissors are a truly versatile range designed to meet the needs of rental companies, maintenance, aviation, power, construction, and distribution worldwide.


Usage of goods lift for moving tyres across floor levels


A tyre distributor approached us with the goal of eliminating Manual labor & save time & effort. They wanted a maintenance free solution for taking tyres from the Ground floor Bay to the first floor & second floor as it was a very time consuming process as they used to employ manual labor for taking the tyres to the upper floors.As the tyres were heavy it also resulted in safety issues which was an added burden.

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About Us

Nandan GSE, founded in 1991, is one of the rare firms in India to surpass 3 levels of ISO Certification – ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018. A leading designer and manufacturer of Specialized Material Handling Systems used in Aviation GSE, Aerospace, Defense, Material Handling, Car Parking, etc. Nandan GSE proudly adheres to the “Make in India, Deliver Worldwide” philosophy.
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