These are some frequently answered questions. Please feel free to contact us for any queries you may have.

Where are you located?

We are based in Navi Mumbai, India. However we can serve you in any country or location in India.

Does Nandan GSE Make Custom Lifts?

Making Custom Equipment is our forte. We can design any kind of equipment that involves lifting , handling, moving, conveying, etc

Can A Lift Be Safely Raised And Lowered With An Off-Centered Load?

Loads that have a center of gravity (CG) which is located outside the scissor leg set will contribute to excessive wear and shortened life of the lift – the further out from the edge of the legs, the sooner the lift will destroy itself. The load CG should always be located within 6 inches of the center line of the scissors in order to realize the full useful life of the lift. Or, design features must be added to counter-act the effects of the eccentric load (counterweight, stabilizing legs, etc.).

Can Someone Look At My Application?

Yes, someone can review your application with you. As the complexity of the application increases, the more important it is to review and discuss your options. Someone from Nandan GSE can directly visit your facility, discuss via phone, and/or recommend a local Nandan GSE dealer who, because of their proximity to your operation, may provide better support to you through purchase and installation.