Nandan GSE can help to create bespoke solutions for your problems. Some of the parameters that can be customised right from the design stage are:

  1. Capacity
    From 50 kg to 100 tons we can help to create the solution for whatever technology you need
  2. Minimum Height
    The collapsed height can be designed depending on your application and load. for Single Scissors it can be as low as 300 mm and for multi scissors can be 2000 mm
  3. Maximum Height
    Depending on the capacity the maximum height can be worked out. For Scissor Lifts it can be as high as 15 to 17 m, for boom lifts 70m, for hight capacity hydraulic lifts even 40m
  4. Rollover Capacity
    The rollover capacity of the platform determines if it can be placed in a driveway
  5. Throughput
    The throughput of the machine in ton per hour (tph) determines the overall output of the plant. Our machines generally are not the bottlenecks for the flow