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Triple Stacker Parking Car Lift


Triple Stacker Parking Car Lift

Nandan’s Triple Stacker Parking system is ideal for tripling the parking capacity in private residences or for concierge or valet parking in commercial properties. The car stacker is fully galvanized making it suitable for internal or external use.

This system offers parking for 3 cars, one on the ground level and other on the upper two levels. The car on the ground level need to be removed before lowering the first level platform & so on.

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NANDAN’s Triple Stack Car Lift is engineered to be the most cost-effective way to triple the capacity of a typical parking area. With is triple stacker design, It is the ultimate space saver allowing three vehicles to be stacked in a single parking space. It comes with Dependent & Independent Triple Stack Car Lift options, wherein Dependent type car on the ground level will need to be moved out before parking or removing above car & vice versa. Whereas in Independent type same can be mounted in the ground without affecting another one to move.

Salient Features