Synchronised Scissor Platform

NANDAN’s synchronised Scissor Lift is designed for lifting oversized heavy load with synchronising lifting operation. Designed for lifting 2000 Kg to 40 tons with a large base.

A customised solution and heavy duty scissor lift is designed by NANDAN for special operation. Synchronisation operation make the scissor lift more unique. It provides an innovative and effective solution for situations where a high load lift is required. The lifts can be mounted in pit and can be customized for your application.

The Synchronised Scissor Lift is designed in such a way that both side scissors are raised up simultaneously with accuracy. It enables more flexibility in handling of oversized loads safely and efficiently without using of unsafe equipment. In addition the mounting of the cylinders and system is configured in such a way to make it maintenance free.
In house designing and analysis of scissor lift for carrying oversized load efficiently. High strength booming cylinders having hard chromed plated with high thrust lifting make the process more robust. The Design ensures for lifting of 2 – 40 ton capacity load.

Salient Features:

  • More informative options and solutions in comparison to others provide confident for customisation. Easy installation inside pit or on the ground with flexibility of power connectivity.
  • Carrying Capacity 30 ton
  • Efficient and highly serviceable hydraulic power unit.
  • Factor of safety 3 in all mechanical components
  • Compliance with standards AWS D1.1 and OHSAS 18001:2015
  • High quality design
  • Lubricant free MU bushes are used along with chrome plated pins
  • High Strength steel maximize the load stability and extends the life of the lift.


  • Heavy Engineering /Coil  handling/ Transformer winding industry etc.