Stage Lift for Underground Access

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Nandan offers complete lifting systems for all types of orchestra pits, platforms and loads. Nandan’s Custom Designed Stage Lift can be easily integrated to existing orchestra pits and are designed to operate for the full life of your venue.

For the world’s most influential performers, no act is complete without Stage lifts. They are essential for creating exciting effects and dramatic reveals by lifting artists, band gear, and props. NANDAN offers large range of All Access Stage Scissor Lift (Stage Lifts for underground access) with personalization of rotating platforms.

Two sets of scissors were used on each scissor lift to reduce the differential deflection of the long heavy weight platform due to the movements of show personnel during performances.

Nandan’s Stage lift are safe, reliable and adaptable to demanding environments and complex projects, with a complete range of models to match your exact specifications.

Turntables offer added value by enabling an increased flexibility and uses of the stage. Performances can therefore be presented in partial or continuous rotation with this dynamic stage.

Salient Features:

  • Low maintenance
  • Tandem scissor design for greater stability
  • Reliable and secure
  • Compact at closed height
  • Designed to install without excavation
  • Add values to your concert
  • Turntable options for rotating movement
  • Completely customized as per your requirements.