Pallet Truck

Whether loading or unloading a trailer or moving loads around a warehouse the NANDAN’s range of pallet trucks are designed to make the operator’s job as easy and comfortable as possible to ensure that the warehouse is as productive as possible.

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Recognized for their exceptional versatility and durability, NANDAN offers the perfect addition to your operation with the manually operated Hand Pallet Truck. Owing to exceptional features, this is in great demand and widely appreciated among our clients.

NANDAN Offers electric pallet truck to suit every intensive or light operation, delivering reliability, energy efficiency, performance, driver comfort, and low maintenance costs for the most demanding warehouse applications.

Used for horizontal movement of goods and ideal for high-intensity movement over long distances.

Salient Features


Pallet TruckNE PTCapacity KgFork Length mmWidth mmWalk Behind/RiderDrive
Regular Pallet TruckNE PT-R/2-1.120001150550 
Heavy Duty Pallet truckNE PT-HD/2.5-1.125001150550 
Heavy Duty Pallet truckNE PT-HD/3-1.130001150550 
Battery Operated Pallet Truck
Walk behind
NE PT-BO/2WB20001150550Walk BehindDC
Battery Operated Pallet Truck
NE PT-BO/2.5R25001150550RiderDC

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