Dock Leveller

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Nandan dock leveller is in various capacity and sizes which will be helpful in order to loading and unloading material from trucks. It is placed in exterior area i.e in loading bay. It is connection bridge between loading area and vehicle. It is adjustable according vehicle height. It increases productivity and performance in loading and unloading.

Various loading capacity ranges from 6 tons to 12 ton. Highly strengthen material and cylinder with pilot check valve ensure safe and smooth operation.


  • Factor of safety 3 in all mechanical components
  • Max capacity 12 ton
  • it is made of heavy duty steel
  • It is integrated with safety valve to prevent accidents in case of breakdown of hose pipe rapture
  • Lips are designed according to truck sizes.
  • It can be installed inside existing pit and lowering is adjustable
  • High quality cylinder and power pack make the system robust