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Container Unloaders


Container Unloaders

A-Ward container unloaders enable immediate and controlled unloading of shipping containers and remove the reliance on expensive and scarce tilting trailers. Shipping containers can be inserted either directly with a standard trailer or from above with a forklift, crane or reach stacker. Nandan GSE helps in installation, commissioning & after sales service.

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Fill up every inch of a container – faster – using the power of gravity. Save time & money by making short & quick work of big loads. All equipment is controlled by a single operator & the container can be weighed during the unloading process.

Salient Features

  • No multiple handling of the item
  • ONE operator with a remote control
  • 5 minutes to unload
  • Lower freight cost per kg of sugar
  • CP Coke unit cost is cheaper
  • No unloading ramps needed
  • Forklift, operator not needed
  • The container can be stored one on top of another and can serve as temporary silo!
  • No human interference while loading or unloading
  • Away From Dust Allergies
  • No Hazardous & Harmful Effects on Human Beings
  • No exposure to the environment leading to better glut control
  • It is designed to work in the toughest Industrial area.


  • Can load 20 / 40 ft containers
  • To unload Bulk Containers of 25 tons.
  • Perfect for loose materials like minerals & Scrap, CP Coke, Rice, recycling, waste management.

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